We are now planning the international gathering in 2008.
01 December 2006

In support of the World BOTTING Family I extend our greetings once again from New Zealand!

Apologies for not making contact sooner but I have been waiting until we had something more definite to report about any planned events next year before writing.

The following will give you an update on progress since February.

The World BOTTING Family WEBSITE (www.thebottings.com) has now been in existence for six months and, gauging from the number of people who have made enquiries, its existence is becoming more widely known. Our thanks to both Simon and Richard Botting in the UK for getting this up and running, and also to those who have supplied articles for the site.

Russ Botting in Christchurch, New Zealand has followed up a number of genealogical queries that have been posted in the 'Lost Relatives' section of our WEBSITE. With some Russ has been able to help with information on family lines back to William Botting (b.1597). With others there was no linkage with the names we currently have on file, and they have, therefore, added another field of enquiry that awaits further information before progress can be made. It is not an unfamiliar story, as we know that many of you are having the same difficulties.

This brings to mind a statement I made in the February email about being proud to be part of a wonderful family. Upon reflection I realise that my experience of family is not that of everyone. In New Zealand because of thirty years of contact with the Botting family from throughout New Zealand and Australia through Reunions and other family gatherings, there is now a core group that keeps in regular contact. This has been special and we look forward to the occasions when we can meet together. In Christchurch, New Zealand, Botting family gatherings are now an annual event.

We also have complete genealogies, including most of the current generations, of all those descended from Robert William Botting through whom the majority of the New Zealand Botting Family are descended. The challenge is keeping up-to-date with all the births, deaths and marriages.

Many of you have not had that background. Some have been unable to trace their family back beyond two or three generations, and attempts to do so have meet with frustration. My hope is that as more people become aware of the World BOTTING Family WEBSITE and are willing to share the information they have that we can begin to fill in the missing pieces of the family genealogy.

Our thanks go to Richard for maintaining the WEBSITE and referring on any enquiries. As mentioned in February, contributions to the various pages from family throughout the world are welcome. You are encouraged to submit general information, questions or requests for information using the 'Contacts' section of the WEBSITE.

It would also be great to have brief histories, such as the one for Robert William Botting, of other Bottings, both from those who live in the UK as well as from those who have settled in other parts of the world. Remember, too, that links can be provided from the WEBSITE to those of you who have your own websites and are willing to list them. This provides a greater appreciation of the family worldwide.

After close liaison and discussions with some members of the UK BOTTING family over the past nine months we have decided to postpone an International Botting Family Gathering for twelve months. The plan is now to have a smaller gathering in the UK in 2007 over the bank holiday weekend at the end of May to which local family are welcome and at which planning for the international gathering in 2008 will begin.

There are a number of good reasons for this delay. The main one has been that a team of people in the UK is needed to organise and run such an event. Margaret Shanks has been working on this and we are grateful for the preliminary work that she and her sister Catherine have done, but there have been few offers of help from others. One of the options that will be considered will be to engage an 'event organiser' who can assist those willing to help with the planning and running of the 2008 event.

The delay will also give another twelve months for people to become informed of what is happening, to make the necessary travel arrangements if coming from overseas, to accumulate savings sufficient to cover the cost, as well as giving more time to find a suitable venue and put together a programme that will make it as interesting and informative as possible. We are looking for a location preferably in Sussex with a venue that can accommodate 150+ people, as well as suggestions of places to visit that would be of interest to the international family. One venue that would be suitable has been located near Arundel but is expensive. Another possibility is to base the event near London and do one or two day trips from there to sites worth visiting.

The 2007 Gathering and the 2008 World BOTTING Family Reunion are worthy of your support and participation. These are historic occasions, as well as being rich and rewarding experiences for all who attend. Should you have any suggestions or wish to offer your assistance or signify your support please contact Margaret as soon as possible at her email address: maggie_shanks@hotmail.com

Until next time.

Kind regards,

Des Botting,
Auckland, New Zealand


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