1827 Javelin Men

In 1827 Sir Charles Forster Goring Bart. was Sheriff of the County of Sussex, and John Botting (c1762-1849) was Marshall of the Corps of Javelin Men (hence the baton) which formed the ceremonial mounted guard at the Horsham Assizes.  It was usual for the Javelin Men to be chosen by the Sheriff from among his tenantry. In addition to Javelin Men, the Sheriff was attended by trumpeters.

At Okehurst Manor House (now Oakhurst) near Billingshurst, there is, overhead on a ceiling, an arrangement of the 12 javelins used, each one named, about a central lozenge bearing the name of the Sheriff, Sir C. F. Goring, and the name of the Marshall, John Botting, beneath his baton.
The Javelin Men comprised the five sons of the Marshall, together with Henry Botting (1766-1841) a cousin of the Marshall, and his six sons.

The names of all High Sheriffs of Sussex (there being a single High Sheriff for both East and West Sussex until 1974) were listed on wooden boards in the hallway of Pelham House, Lewes, formerly HQ of ESCC, until the building was sold in 2003.  The boards are now at County Hall.

John BOTTING (1762-1849) [137664228]
Henry Harwood BOTTING (1786-1860) [137678879]
Jonathan BOTTING (1791-1873) [137682196]
William BOTTING (1794-1870) [137682275]
John BOTTING (1797-1867) [137682408]
Michael BOTTING (1799-1847) [137682855]
Henry BOTTING (1766-1841) [159031943]
Henry BOTTING (1793-1864) [159031950]
Michael BOTTING (1795-1862) [159031969]
John BOTTING (1799-1876) [159031957]
Edward BOTTING (1801?-1887) [159031960]
William BOTTING (1803-1872) [159031963]
Francis BOTTING (1805?-1878) [159031965]


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