William Botting of Chancton, Sussex,
and William Botting of Bines Mill, Storrington, Sussex.

William Botting of Chancton: was believed to have lived 1769-1852 and married Sarah Farhall. He was born in West Grinstead and died at Thakeham Cottage. They had at least five known children Sarah, Charles, Frances, William and Joseph. At the time of William's death he was a widower living with his spinster daughter Frances, who died the same year.

The 1841 England Census shows William Botting, a farmer in Upper Chancton, Washington, living with wife Sarah, their children Frances and Joseph, and grandchildren Charles and Edgar William (the children of his second son Charles Botting and Jane nee Golds). Evidence from newspapers suggests William Botting was also of Chancton in 1825 and 1832. A further record, from the National Archives, indicates he was also of Upper Chancton Farm, Washington, in 1835.

A notice in the UK Gazette in 1843 announced the dissolution by mutual consent of the partnership that had existed between his sons William Botting and Charles Botting of Thakeham Place Farm. By the 1851 Census Charles was farming Upper Chancton Farm, and his brother William and wife Mary-Ann were at the Thakeham Place Farm. By the same Census their father, William Botting, was shown as a retired farmer living at Thakeham Cottage, with his unmarried daughter Francis. This William Botting family was therefore, at this time, tenant farmers at both Thakeham Place Farm and Upper Chancton Farm.

When William Botting died in 1852 he left a will with effects under 200 pounds to his wife and family. Some researchers consider this William Botting to have been the son of an Edward Botting of Ashurst, but as yet I have found nothing to support that.

William Botting of Bines Mill, Storrington: My research of Botting Family living during the late 1700s and first quarter of the 1800s has found a William Botting of Bines Mill, Storrington. He has been considered by other researchers also to be the son of Edward Botting of Ashurst. However, may I  suggest that the William Botting of Chancton was not that person William Botting of Bines Mill, Storrington, as the records of the latter follow a trail in the National Archives starting in 1794 when he was described as being 'of Owhurst, yeoman'. The record, describing a transaction between a 'Jacob Pope' and a 'William Botting', may need to be checked as I suspect Owhurst is in fact a transcription error (and the original might read Okehurst?).

The transaction between Jacob Pope and William Botting of 1800 pounds for messuage, tenement and land in Storrington, including Bine Place Farm or Mill Farm, is one of many transactions of Botting properties between 1794 through to 1824. These typically were by way of newspaper advertisements for the sale of 'freehold estate in the town and parish of Storrington' of a number of properties and land of a William Botting, and which quote 'Mr William Botting, the proprietor of Bines Mill, removing to a farm in the neighbourhood'. One of the transactions made by William  mentioned his wife 'Sarah'. These raise at least two questions: 'who was William Botting of Storrington and Bine Mills, who had freehold land, a man of assets and money, at least in 1824?', and, 'who was his father?'

Could it be suggested that although the William Botting of Chancton was a tenant farmer in 1825 he appears to have left little money or assets upon his death and was therefore not the same William Botting of Storrington, reported selling numerous freehold properties in Storrington in 1824?

I invite any researcher who has an interest in these 'William Botting' lines of the Sussex Botting Family to consider the above and perhaps shed some light on the query. Please feel free to contact me through the Contacts section of this website.  I would love to hear from you.

Sandra Mulcock,
New Zealand


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